In the world of business, one commonly underestimated trait is attitude. It can be often assumed that one must be cold, discerning, abrasive and cut-throat to succeed, and yes, some businesses thrive on that archetype, however, a great attitude should not be overlooked. Being a jerk will not always work, and it will not win you admirers. Even if you do your job well, if you don’t contribute to the overall positive growth of a company on a personal level, you may find yourself shut out in time as a result.

Skills are necessary to every job, but if an employee cannot be on an equal level of footing with their coworkers, it is clear they are not the ideal cultural fit for the company. While skills may lead to making great money, a bad attitude won’t contribute to a high level of professional success for the company as a whole; how much of a personal asset are you if your personality is difficult and people begin to refuse to work with you?

At American Van Lines, we hire on personality as much as on skill. Our employees are part of our culture, and they are essential to our every aspect of success. In our line of work, where we are highly involved in helping people with major life transitions, it takes a high level of customer service to execute moves ensuring satisfaction. We never underestimate the importance of individual positivity, and its overall impact on the group environment. We hire on personality; no matter how good you are at what you do, you have to be a solid person as well.

So, the bottom line here is have a great attitude. Don’t think being nasty is what a company expects of you all the time; in most industries, it won’t get you far. Being a positive influence on those around will do much more for you, get you farther ahead, and have you feeling good about being a decent human at the end of the day. Skills are important; hone them, excel, and do your best to get to the top of your field, however aim for a position within a company where your personality will not only fit the culture, but will also enable you to thrive.