You’d be surprised by what you can accomplish in a really short amount of time. When motivated enough, when pushed hard enough, when a goal is in the mind and you can see the finish line ahead; the energy and mindset are in gear, and you’re ready to accomplish. So how do you get there? Focus. And put yourself first. Because how you spend your time is acutely related to how your goals get accomplished, how you progress to new levels, and simply grow beyond your current level of complacency. Here’s how to start off your work day to see the greatest dividends and the greatest impact of your time.

30 Minutes: GO
The first 30 minutes of your day should be spent, ideally, working on initiatives that motivate, inspire, and really get you going. Research, learn, develop your ideas in this time because it will propel you throughout the rest of your day. Simply, consider this small 30-minute block as time to develop your dreams, because if you don’t work on them now, and dedicate time to getting them done now, when will you? Use only 30 minutes, set a timer, and move on once it’s up.

First Thoughts in the Morning
Spend those first moments in the morning doing the work that will pay off in the long run. Don’t save it for the end of the day, when other things may come up and get in your way; you leave too much to chance and distraction with that mindset. Instead, go for accomplishing the task that will enhance your vision towards the future.

Track Your Progress
Because it will continue to motivate you when you see that every single step you take now, every single brick you lay now, is accumulating to something greater in the long term. Make note of it daily, see where your progress is taking you. Are you making time daily? Are you making progress on those long term goals daily? This will give you the feedback you need to examine what’s working, what isn’t working, and what needs attention.

Leave the Guilt at the Door
Think this designated 30-minute dream-time is a luxury you don’t deserve? You’re wrong. Focusing on building something great is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. When Google gave their engineers 1 day per week to work exclusively on projects they wanted to work on, the results were mind-blowing. You can thank those free-range sessions for the advent of Gmail. So just imagine what you can create if you give yourself the ability to do so. Guilt has no place in the mix; allow yourself the freedom to dream and develop your ideas. 30 minutes starts tomorrow morning. GO!