Over the last year, people in the United States have been on a mass exodus out of places like the Bay Area in California, and especially the Northeast, particularly, New York. We’ve seen it firsthand, as we deal directly with those relocating throughout the country. They have been heading to a variety of locations throughout the States, however some locations are more enticing to those fleeing the constraints of the excessive prices of Ca, and the overpopulation in the Northeast. Want to know where people are headed? Here’s a look.

Austin, Tx: A tech hub with an artsy culture full of great food and music. The job market is great, the average median home price is $399,999, and it’s about as fun of a place as you can possibly imagine in the entire country. And the tax rate + lack of state tax is rather enticing.

Tampa, Fl: Awesome climate, killer seafood, laid back culture, and gorgeous beaches that host stellar sunsets daily; why would anyone not want to head to Tampa? The job market has been booming, boasting a mild unemployment rate of 4.4%, and the taxes ain’t bad either; precisely why people have been flocking here by the masses. The average home price at $230,000 makes it very affordable with a high quality of life.

Jacksonville, Fl: Warm weather, lots of jobs, great beaches, and the average price of homes runs about $272,400 make J-ville a very nice place to call home. A little less laid back than South Florida, but still very comfortable, this town is seeing immense growth and a great influx of new residents.

San Antonio, Tx: An all-around gorgeous city that boasts a mere 3.7% unemployment rate, San Antonio is a great place to call home. Average home cost is $275,000 and there is no shortage of action occurring daily between the sports and the city’s many offerings.

Portland, Or: Lifestyle, culture, great food, and being a craft beer mecca make Portland a dream city for many. The outdoor culture resonates with those who enjoy the greenness of the surroundings, and the quality of life is what residents boast about more than any other aspect. We can’t blame them; the unemployment rate is hanging right around 4.6% and the average cost of a home is $416,300; a little more than other places, however the lifestyle is worth it for many.

Raleigh, NC: Many people love Raleigh for it’s Southern hospitality, along with its small town feel even though it’s a large, sprawling city. The food scene is worthy of any foodie, the craft beer offerings can rival that of Germany (seriously), and the amount of cool culture happening would please anyone who gets bored easily. The average home costs $297,200, and the city is very job-friendly; not bad, eh?