In the moving industry, we are concerned with moving, and that has enabled us to build excellent connections and relationships with a number of realtors. Our two industries are very much intertwined, and being able to have quality references for our customers is one of the best aspects. We often work with people who start arranging their moves before exact locations are chosen, before homes are bought, while they are still in the middle of researching because they may know a move is imminent. That puts us in a unique position of offering advice when asked for it, and offering referrals of real estate agents when requested.

Realtors and movers are completely connected, as realtors (like movers) will often be asked by their clients to recommend moving companies in their area because having a solid, reliable mover can be difficult to find, and difficult to trust. Because of this mutually-beneficial business relationship, clients can benefit dramatically in terms of cost-effectiveness, value, and having an overall successful move from these referrals.

Moving is always complicated, and realtors understand this entirely; it’s an everyday aspect of their line of work. They are in the business of satisfying their clients, and one of the most important ways to do so is by being able to refer them to the best companies that can help alleviate some of the stress and complication. And in this way, being able to refer clients to trustworthy, reputable, hard-working, effective movers who really know what they’re doing not only assists their clients with a much-needed service, but the great work done often leaves a lasting impression on their clients, who are overall thankful for the great recommendation.

One of the most vital aspects of the real estate agent’s job is to be able to provide their customers with a wide array of support when it comes to their moves, and having the right connections in the moving industry is essential to this. We all know realtors do so much more than just helping find the perfect homes; they help people through some of the greatest life changes they may ever embark on.

So when it comes to movers and realtors, it’s a relationship that benefits both industries. At American Van Lines, this is one of the most essential types of business connections we’ve sought to establish, and we understand the necessity of having great realtors on our side. We look forward to serving the moving and real estate industries for years to come, and if you are interested in building connections with an established moving company to refer your clients to, keep American Van Lines in mind.