Because moving is a crazy, difficult endeavor, especially if you’ve been in one place for a long time, these are our tips for helping the process happen with more ease. It’s not going to be easy, unless you are a minimalist with a very minimal amount of possessions, however, we suggest taking this advice. We do this professionally.

The best way to start is to categorize everything. Start planning several months down the road and stick to your schedule as best as you can. Here is our suggested timeline for getting your move done smoothly, and as organized as possible.

8 Weeks Out:

  • Start an inventory of all of your items, organized by room
  • Decide what you want to keep and throw away based on the layout of your next residence
  • Check with your home insurance company to see if your items are covered while moving
  • Keep a folder handy with all of your information and receipts related to the move
  • Contact the school your children will be transferring to, to start the process

6 Weeks Out:

  • Start researching healthcare professionals in your new area; at the minimum, make sure you have a contact for a primary physician for yourself, and a pediatrician for your children
  • Complete a change of address form at your local post office
  • Change your address formally with anyone who will need it; bills, insurance company, family, etc
  • Start clearing out your clutter, especially in your closets and drawers because you’ve probably accumulated stuff you do not need

4 Weeks Out:

  • Get your packing supplies together: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels, string, ziploc bags
  • Compile all of your necessary, important documents (insurance cards/ documents, birth certificates, etc) and keep them in a safe, protected envelope or folder
  • Start making travel arrangements or coordinating hotel stays if needed during the move

3 Weeks Out:

  • Start arranging for your current utilities to be turned off once you leave, and to have them connected in your new home
  • Get your driver’s license changed over to your new address

2 Weeks Out:

  • Make moving arrangements for your pets
  • Dispose of all of your items that are flammable/ dangerous
  • Put the finishing touches on any last items that packing

1 Week Out:

  • Make sure you transfer all prescriptions to a new pharmacy in your new area
  • Transfer the address on all bank accounts
  • Do a last minute inventory to make sure you don’t have anything unnecessary that can be thrown out

2 Days Out:

  • Finalize everything
  • Confirm everything with everyone involved in the move; from the moving company to family members who’ll be helping with childcare; better to get confirmation than to assume
  • Make sure you have easy access to all medications, personal items, jewelry, vital documents, and money