Hey guys, just wanted to share some productivity tips. Someone asked me how I stay organized with all that we’ve got going on, and the answer is …Boomerang. It’s this program I stumbled onto not too long ago, and in terms of managing emails, it is excellent. It’s like having a personal assistant taking care of your inboxes, with zero hassle. Have you heard of it? Ok, here’s a rundown on Boomerang, and why you need to be using it.

Schedule Faster
Everything from emails to meetings can be easily scheduled and planned out with this plugin. Boomerang hits the Calendar automatically without having to bounce back and forth between emails and the calendar to get meetings properly coordinated.

Handle Those Emails
Getting to emails can get annoying and time consuming. Boomerang allows me to stay ahead of them, and handling my communication easily. Emails can get written and then scheduled for sending at the ideal time. The calendar function is really simple to use as well, and it communicates in language most people understand, for example when you can schedule something in for “next Monday.”

Ups the Productivity
Boomerang keeps track of your important emails without losing them. Simply, just click the Boomerang icon when you have an email you need to hold onto, and then select when you’re going to need it again for automatic archiving. According to your specifications, when the email is needed, it will go back into your inbox automatically, unread, and ready for you to handle it.

It’s a fast-paced world we live in and reminders are great. Boomerang allows you to set a reminder preference for emails you’ve sent, so that if you don’t get a reply in return, messages won’t be lost without a follow-up.

Manages Your Email Inboxes
Boomerang is the quickest way to a clear inbox without wasting time managing your emails. An organized inbox is a luxury; take it from me. How Boomerang works is by allowing you to schedule emails, that way you can write them out in bulk, and schedule as needed using the Send Later option. For important messages, you can have them quickly organized out of the inbox and stored until the date you specify, and when you need them they will be back in your inbox, ready to be handled.