Meet Anthony Disorbo

Anthony Disorbo is the man behind American Van Lines. His entire working life has been centered around this industry, and he knows exactly what it takes to run a company dedicated to helping people move their lives from one place to the next; whether it’s locally within the South Florida area, or across the nation. Firmly rooted in the moving industry since he was 15 years old, Anthony runs his business from a standpoint of immense experience, and always satisfying his customers.

A Different Kind of Businessman
With so many companies in the moving industry, it can be incredibly difficult to trust one with the responsibility of moving all of your possessions. Relinquishing control is not something most people take lightly, and we’ve all heard the horror stories. This is where Anthony Disorbo diverts from the ordinary, understanding the level of attention and precision needed in every aspect of the business.

When Disorbo assumed control of American Van Lines in 1999, he quickly grew the company from a small, 15-person moving company to the 125-employee-strong business that it is today. He expanded from a small-scale model, that was dedicated to serving a relatively small area, and turned it into a major, international company that has handled the moves for thousands of individuals and businesses. Among just a few companies that have experience in the military sector, American Van Lines is proud to assist those serving our nation with moves that require detailed, precise moves on strict time tables whenever possible.

There are thousands of companies in this market, but few have the know-how and expertise to accomplish the task of moving homes in efficient, safe, respectful ways. With a tenure of 25 years in this industry, and having worked every possible role from physically moving to running the company, Disorbo is the man with a plan. His attention to detail and understanding of what the customer needs is irreplaceable.