Why Teamwork is the Core of our Business

At American Van Lines, one of our principle foundations of providing a service to others is built on the premise of team work. The “team” environment extends throughout the business at every level, from each individual, to how every customer is handled. There is no replacing this aspect because it enables us to execute moves effectively, and it enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction is continuously met at the highest standards. The team at AVL is built upon 3 things: great communication, an unwavering commitment to professionalism, and skillful problem resolution. These foundations allow us to serve our customers with purpose and direction.

Commitment to teamwork encompasses our focus on building the right team to have a long-lasting impact. We do not view employees as easily replaceable; we hire on skill, personality, determination, and a certain degree of selflessness. Our team consists of individuals we dedicate a great amount of time to, ensuring the appropriate training occurs to meet our exceedingly high standards. A sense of pride in oneself and in one’s job are instilled among us all because when you believe in what you do, you understand how it has a positive effect on those you’re working for and with. Our team members are well-organized, dedicated to maintaining excellent customer service, and kept abreast on all of the latest industry techniques for maximizing effectiveness.

Communication is among the most important skills we place an enormous amount of value on, because within the team, there are few things that can rival its importance. Great communication means that everyone is aware of what is going on, and can execute their jobs more effectively. A successful team is built of members who carry complementing skills, and being able to communicate effectively allows us to support one another to get the job done right.