Let’s talk a little about mobile productivity, because this has become a huge priority in recent years. Everyone it seems, is working on the go and pulling more than their own weight in countless ways, and being able to work via smartphone has upped the abilities to get more done. Apps in particular enable people to communicate more efficiently, stay organized, stay focused, and take care of the never-ending tasks of managing paperwork from a simple little icon on your phone. I personally use my phone in a plethora of ways to handle everything in my life, and having experienced business life before the smartphone, I can tell you, life is much more productive as a result.

So here is a list of apps I have found to be particularly useful and beneficial to my daily needs of organization, time management, and handling business life on the go. May they serve you as productively as they have done for me.

Cam Scanner: Goodbye paper trail, hello seamless organization. Scanning and photocopying is something of a bygone era, for the most part anyway. The paper trail can get mountainous in no time, and being able to reduce it to simple files, stored via the cloud, easily accessible from anywhere has enabled me to manage documents with barely any effort. Sending files and storing them has becoming ridiculously easy.

Evernote: This app has been around for a long time, and updates have only improved its effectiveness. It is the ideal app for note taking, decluttering, and serving as an additional source of managing your day to day endeavors. It’s similar to a daily planner, but better, less structured (in a good way) and it syncs your notes to all of your devices. Ever lost a post-it note in the mad rush of the day? Evernote prevents that frustration.

Expensify: Keeping tabs on all expenses, all the time, easily is what Expensify is all about. It’s designed to handle the tracking needs of executives, and does it simply, intuitively, and efficiently so that you can spend less time sifting through paper later, without worrying about whether you saved every receipt necessary, and integration into a variety of platforms, including Quickbooks and Netsuite are available. It’s like having a tech-savvy accountant with you wherever you go.

If you aren’t using apps to maximize your productivity, you don’t know what you’re missing. I highly recommend adding a few into your daily routine to at least experiment with, because handling business life from your phone can be an enormous benefit to getting more done faster, and that is always a good thing.