In the moving industry, one of the most important things that can a customer can do for you is refer your services. The moving industry is fraught with bad companies, and there are many people out there who have had negative experiences. For companies that have been in business a long time, just their existence alone vouches for quality because in order to exist, you have to get it right. It is so important for moving companies to not just serve the customer, but to provide exceptional services that leave them rejoicing for the assistance through the transition.

Referrals vouch for a company’s performance, their integrity, their quality. For a customer to refer you means that they have been not just satisfied, but highly so. They have been so pleased with the job done, they wish to pass the good word on to others who may require such a service. Many people ask those they know for referrals on moving companies, because this industry is known for being hit or miss. At American Van Lines, when customers refer our services, it is the ultimate acknowledgement of our commitment, and it is the best kind of recognition we could receive.

In today’s day and age, competition exists at every level of business, and many customers not only demand the best service, but it is utterly expected. So expected in fact, many people would be much more likely to chat up your business if you have performed poorly; it is expected that you perform well. However, to our customers, we aim to cultivate a relationship and we aim to communicate in such a way that our customers not only understand we put an extensive amount of attention and care into each move, but also, we strive to satisfy all who trust us with their moving needs.

Referrals can be an excellent source of leads for future business in the moving industry, and they are especially important, however it goes so much further than just generating new business. At AVL, our premise is to provide the highest level of attention, of communication, of customer service, and we are filled with gratitude when customers are pleased with what we do, so much so that they let others know. It means we are doing something right.