American Van Lines is staunchly dedicated to operating at a more sustainable level, because we understand that every action causes a reaction when it comes to our planet. And, because we are committed to performing at the highest level with as minimal impact as possible on the earth, there are a variety of standards we uphold in terms of our day to day business that are done in regards to the environment.

In an effort to keep our fleet of trucks operating as cautiously as possible in regards to the environment, we implement speed regulation technology into our trucks so that they are programmed to use less fuel via consumption. We also bestow our drivers with lodging cards to so that they can sleep in hotels to avoid idling in their vehicles. Additionally, as much as possible, we encourage car pooling, as well as utilizing the most ideal destination and route planning to maximize efficiency through eliminating unnecessary mileage whenever possible.

Sustainability is on the minds of almost everyone these days, as we all are faced with our effect on the environment in some way or another. And as a company, we are steadfast in our dedication to providing the best services with the least amount of environmental impact as possible. From running our vehicles as efficiently as possible by maintaining standards like ensuring tires are properly inflated at all times to educating our drivers on the importance of reducing air conditioning usage, and to our commitment of strategizing in as many ways possible to reduce fuel consumption. As a business, we are obstinately committed to using less; as far as sustainability goes, we are uncompromising in continuously implementing new environmental standards for our company.

Sustainability is not a fad by any means, and at AVL, we understand that every choice we make has the potential to impact the planet. We aren’t perfect, but we are doing our very best to reduce consumption where necessary. And with that in mind, we encourage you to find ways to cut your usage of resources because there is just no reason to not apply a certain degree of caution in regards to the earth.