Let’s talk about moving budget. Moving is an expense, and oftentimes, it is a major expense that is so taxing it can be included as a deduction on your yearly expenses in some situations when filing taxes. When moving, there are going to be some major expenses, along with many smaller ones, which will inevitably add up, so it’s essential to plan ahead and figure out everything you may be up against. A moving budget is really important to stay on track, and to plan your expenses; the last thing you need in the throes of moving will be to deal with things that come out of nowhere when you should have planned for them in first place. Here is a look at some of the aspects of moving you may want to consider configuring into your budget, depending on your needs.

  • Additional Insurance: For your move, generally your mover will offer some type of insurance coverage. However, opt for extra coverage if you need to insure items of high value or just want to protect your possessions further.
  • Moving Supplies: Whether you pack up your home yourself, or higher your movers to take care of it for you, moving supplies may need to be figured into the budget’s equation.
  • Packing or Unpacking: Would you prefer to have your movers handle the work of packing and unpacking? This can be a major help when moving, however it will cost extra; plan accordingly.
  • Storage Facilities: If your move will or possibly will require temporary storage for your items, you should definitely configure the cost into your budget. Moves can present many unexpected ups and downs and challenges, so having storage arranged can be highly beneficial depending on your situation.
  • Childcare: If you have children, it is extremely important to plan ahead how they will be cared for during the course of the different steps of your move. For some families, children will simply stay with their parents during the move; other times, parents will find it necessary to arrange ahead of time for someone else to handle the childcare so that parents can focus fully on the move; every family is different.
  • Meals: You’re going to have to eat, right? Depending on the length and distance of your move, it may be weeks before you are in a kitchen of your own, back to your typical routine of food preparation and handling execution of your daily dietary needs. Plan for meals, because the expenses will rack up if you are eating out 3 meals per day for several weeks.