Are you thinking it’s time to learn a new skill? Are you looking to polish your current skillset by adding something new to the offerings? What about developing hobbies that can boost your abilities and output, while offering the additional benefit of making you smarter? Yes, you read that right; certain hobbies can actually make you smarter. If you’re aiming to learn something new, consider these activities.

Write Well: Think you’re not a good writer? Learn to be. Why? Because while reading can be an enjoyable pastime, it’s about consumption; not action. Writing actively engages the mind, taking what you’ve learned while reading and applying it into other methods. It forces you to think critically, develop an idea, and communicate it. Writing can benefit your professional life in a multitude of ways, so consider working on it and getting good at it.

Get Obsessed: Healthy obsessions can do great things for you, and I definitely can tell you from experience that when you’re obsessed about something, your capacity to learn about it increases exponentially. School can offer a curriculum that you’re supposed to meet the criteria for in an effort to learn, however the learning that occurs on your own accord, by your own passion, and your own interest will stick much better than the info you’re forced to learn. It’ll absorb much more effectively, and you’ll have access to that knowledge whenever you need it, because you’ve earned it.

Get Physical: Yes, exercise has numerous benefits for the mind, and increasing your ability to think clearly is one of them. Forcing your brain into a position that causes it to build endorphins, improve creativity, and release stress is wonderful. Exercise can improve a wide array of things in the body and mind, from elevating mood to boosting concentration; both of which can be very useful in business and life.

So if you want to up your smarts, try these methods. Learning, writing, and keeping your mind in check can do some pretty astounding things for your life. Remember, your ability to acquire knowledge, pick up new skills and absorb the information you obtain benefits you in a variety of ways so have a go, and increase your intellect.