Let’s Make This Week a Great One!

Monday motivation… AKA Motivation Monday is all about getting your brain into gear to make the upcoming week an awesome one. Sure, you may still be dreaming it’s Saturday, and your weekend is just getting started but, reality is here to let you know that is not the case. However, instead of dreading every minute until Friday afternoon gets here, how about getting motivated to make things happen? The hours in between are yours for the taking; what are you going to make of them?

On Sunday, Think Monday
Set yourself up on Sunday night for a great Monday. Sure, you probably want to make your weekend last as long as possible, and encroaching upon it with Monday’s to-do’s may not be your idea of time well-spent, but a few little steps can have a long lasting effect on your Monday, and your week ahead. Make sure to get enough sleep on Sunday night; this will allow you to wake up on Monday morning ready to conquer. Do something relaxing shortly before bed to get your body and mind ready for sleep to ensure you get the most restful sleep possible. Prep your breakfast and/ or lunch before bed.

How to Make Your Monday Start Great
Set your alarm to wake up 10 – 15 minutes early so you can start your day with mindfulness and stress-free calm, rather than a plate of chaos. Allowing yourself a few moments to get your thoughts into gear and yourself ready for the day can have long lasting effects through the week. A more focused mindset can carry you more effectively until Friday if you allow yourself the ability to actually enjoy the process, rather than rush or dread it.

Great Monday, Great Week
Remember your long and short term goals, daily. I’m saying you should obsess over them every waking minute, but keep it all in mind because this is what you’re working for and towards. If you see that your work today equates to results in your future, you are putting in hard work you will reap the benefits of. Daily reminders allow you to stay present in what you’re aiming for.

So, this Monday, start your week right and make it a great one! You’ve got 52 chances in a year to start your week off on the right foot; take advantage of it!