This is just a friendly public service reminder, wishing you a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend, courtesy of our nation, thanking us all for the hard work bestowed upon our country, benefitting our economy? Always a great weekend spent with friends and family, at the beach or barbeque, a little extra time off to chill and recoup is always a blessing. For many people throughout the USA, Labor Day marks the end of summer, which can be a bittersweet send off to the best season of the year, and if you are among them, I highly encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy it because you’ve got three more seasons to get through until summer comes around again!

The Central Labor Union of New York City was certainly onto something when they started this holiday, set for the first monday of September, back in 1882. There is some mixed factual info regarding the actual history of the holiday, however it is most commonly known to have been instituted in an effort to appease American laborers who were vying for better treatment on the job, as well as better rights in regards to their time off. In addition to the justices they won, the American people were then granted an extra day off on behalf of their contributions to this great nation.

I am personally a big believer in time off. Yes, I am very much a hard worker, and believe it is necessary to give your work your all the majority of the time, however time off is exceptionally valuable, and essential to great performance. You cannot run at full-speed, 90-miles-an-hour permanently. Work hard, but remember to make an effort to reset; make the time to turn off all the devices, step away from the email, turn off your work brain for a short time and just live for a little while. You’ll work better as a result, you’ll think more clearly because your stress will have been minimized, and you will perform overall more effectively because you will not be daydreaming about being elsewhere.

So, this Labor Day Weekend, I hope you take the whole weekend to yourself, enjoy your family and friends, and have yourself a really fun time. Reward yourself for all the hard work you put in, and just live in the moment for a while. Everything important can wait until Tuesday. Stay safe, and have a great Labor Day!