Corporate moving is just one of many services that American Van Lines offers. It is an option for corporations and businesses who are aiming to relocate, while still maintaining their current staff. The move involves the business as well as the individuals who are a part of the company, and these moves, as you may have guessed, are quite in-depth in their execution.

A corporate move is often a large-scale endeavor, and any company entrusted with the job needs to demonstrate exemplar skills and customer service to meet the needs of so many people, during such a sensitive time.

A huge aspect of corporate moving is often about the employee relocation process, which can be an intricate, time-consuming, confusing endeavor. This is often the last step in the process of relocation, and using an experienced company allows your employees to enjoy a more comfortable transition as they move. Working with a company like AVL, a corporate move can be done with minimal disruption, and minimal effort on behalf of your employees.

With American Van Lines, however, we work to simplify and streamline the process so that we can focus on the technical aspects, and your employees can handle their own personal needs during the adjustment phase. The process begins with a simple phone call, in which we will begin the coordination process with your employees individually. Our corporate relocation specialists will work directly with each family, asking key questions to configure accordingly. Each family’s needs are taken into account, as is the need for optimal planning and strict time management. Once the move is ready to be done, we pack everything as securely as possibly, load the items and get on with the move as efficiently as we can.

Corporate moving is about moving businesses from one place to another, along with their employees. These types of moves involve a great amount of strategy, and a strict adherence to customer service to ensure all needs of those moving are met. For any of your company’s corporate moving needs, do not hesitate to contact American Van Lines for more information.