If you’ve never hired a mover, or have had a bad experience with a movers in the past, you may feel some trepidation about working a moving company in the future for a move. However, if you work with the right company, and do the right homework, your results can be far from unsatisfactory. At American Van Lines, we are staunch in our commitment to our customers and the service we provide. While there’s always the potential for things to go awry during a stressful move, we go above and beyond to rectify matters; something you can’t expect from a fly-by-night amateur mover! So here are our tips for working with a moving company, and how to choose the best one to ensure your satisfaction and a successful move.

  1. Ask Around: Get recommendations from people you know, or scan the companies in your local area. Check out prospective companies’ websites and get a feel for their offerings and services.
  2. Go for Quality: With so many moving companies around, and many that seemingly appear overnight, it is always advisable to go with trusted names who have been in business for a few years (or decades) minimum. It takes quality to exist in this market long-term.
  3. Communicate: When you settle on a company, and arrange for an estimate, be sure to be upfront about EVERYTHING. Communication is especially important, and being clear about all of the items, rooms, and sections of your home you need to be moved is essential to getting an accurate estimate that will not leave you, or the moving company disagreeing at the time of the move.
  4. Verify: Investigate the company a little further to ensure they’ve been in business as long as they say they have, as well as checking on the necessities such as ensuring they have the legal license and insurance needed to move others by using their USDOT number.

Moving is going to have its ups and downs, however if you work with the right company, you’ll be in way better hands than if you hire any random guy with a truck who claims to have done this for years. Err on the side of professionalism, and do your homework. When you choose American Van Lines as your moving company, you’re not just hiring a company to handle the hard work of moving your home; you’re hiring a team of moving pros who help with your transition to a new chapter.