People don’t often see Friday as an opportunity to be productive, however, if done right, it can be an exceptionally productive day of the week… perhaps even the most.

It all comes down to perception; Friday can be viewed as the last day of the week, one where people spend ample amounts of time dawdling along and dreaming of getting their weekends started, or it can be seen as a way to wind down a productive week while getting charged up for the following one. In the moving industry, we are often a 24/ 7 industry, and Fridays are usually spent gearing up for busy weekends. However, that isn’t to say I don’t get what the general population is experiencing by the time Friday rolls around; I definitely do – burnout is real. However, I see Fridays as an excellent opportunity not to waste time, but to maximize it in creative ways. Here are my tips for making your Friday an integral part of your week’s productivity, and how it can better the rest of next week just by implementing a little planning ahead.

  • Goals: Set your goals for Monday and next week on Friday afternoon. Jump start it now so you’re not wasting all of Monday morning trying to kickstart your brain into it. You may be waking up slowly from your weekend, and having your plan of execution laid out for you already allows you to take that blueprint with your morning coffee and run.
  • Meetings: Since Fridays generally have that feeling of winding down, instead of attempting to crank stuff out of your employees who are probably pretty tapped out from rushing to make deadlines and completing tasks all week, schedule those one-on-one meetings for this day of the week. This can work to really maximize your sense of accomplishment in closing it out.
  • Tie Up the Loose Ends: Finish things, do the detail work, get organized, and make those last calls you’ve been putting off. This will lighten your load, allow you to start fresh on Monday, and enable you to get a real sense of completion with what has been finalized. Don’t use this wind-down time to start new endeavors unless they’re absolutely necessary; finish what you started.

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

So, on Fridays, think about “Monday,” and how whatever you do now will affect your Monday. Allow yourself to have a Friday mindset, and treat it differently than you would other days of the week to maximize its power in affecting your overall productivity, all week long.