Whether you’re thinking about one, planning one, or are in the midst of taking your life from one part of the country to another, as in moving your life across hundreds, perhaps even thousands of miles, here are a few things to consider that may help getting it done go a little more smoothly. While moving across the country can be exasperating, it can also be exhilarating if you embark on it with the right course of execution.

Choose a Destination Wisely
If your job has presented a relocation, you may or may not have had a say in the final destination. If you’re looking to make a drastic move for any variety of personal reasons, research as much as you can about the place you’re aiming to move to, talk to as many people as possible, and if you can, take a trip there prior to get a feel for it.

Eliminate the Unnecessary
Get rid of everything you don’t need. You may be surprised by how much stuff you have accumulated, and how much freer you may feel by tossing that which you no longer have use for. If you haven’t used it in a long period of time, are holding onto it “just in case” you may one day, down the road, in the next decade, have use for it; just toss it. Whatever the item is, if it has no place in your life currently, and you have no real attachment to it, it has no use taking up real estate. And remember, the less you take with you, the easier the move will be. Consider packing to be an inventory of your life, in some ways.

Sell Your Stuff For Extra $
So, after you’ve separated the items you need and want, vs the items you just need to part ways with, you may want to consider having a yard sale or listing items of value on Craigslist or Ebay. Take an inventory, research if people are interested in the items you have, and list away! Hey, depending on what you’ve got, you have the potential to make a little extra money, which is always nice where moving is concerned.

Make a Serious, Detailed To-Do List
This is just one of those things you have to do. There are some great apps, like Sortly or Moving Checklist Pro that can make it a little more streamlined, so definitely check out the options in the app store if you are into using your phone as a home base from which you organize your life. If apps aren’t your thing, but you’re still digitally-inclined, a nice, organized Excel sheet would also work well to chart everything you need to take care of. Your to-do list should be fairly comprehensive because relocating is not always easily done. Tying up loose ends in a location you’ve been at for a long period of time can equate to a lot of work in finalizing.

So, that about covers the basics in planning the early stages of a cross country move. Ready to go? We’re ready to move you there!