Moving is everyone’s favorite pastime, am I right? Probably not.

Moving involves a lot of organizing, a lot of planning, a ton of physical work, and never goes off without a few headaches and/ or meltdowns. You all know exactly what I’m talking about.

In an effort to make things go a little easier, especially in the planning phase, here is a look at how technology can keep you prepared for your move, right from your phone. These are the best apps geared towards people who are moving, and what they can offer you in the way of organization, planning, and making sure you cover all bases. I highly recommend these for handling all of the detail work that will take up a lot of your time.

  • My Inventory Manager (Free): Keeping a digital inventory of all of your stuff is really simple with this app. If you’re really into being organized, you may even want to continue using it even after you’re done moving because it is very useful for keeping track of everything you own, and it keeps a running record perfectly accessible at all times via your smart phone.
  • Sortly (free): This app sorts out your life in an organized fashion so that you do not have to endure excessive disarray during a move. It is especially useful for those who have many intricate details to tend to in their daily lives, and can’t fathom being disconnected during a move..
  • Moving Van (Free): Has your move got you overwhelmed? Do you want to take an inventory of your boxes to manage them as you pack them, and know where everything is all at once? You’re not the only one. The Moving Van app gives you that convenience and allows you to keep ahold of your stuff a little easier and more managed by serving as a digital packing list, with all of your items categorized according to which box you packed them into.
  • Moving Checklist Pro ($0.99): This extremely simple calendar app can keep life very organized if you’re into keeping track of every last detail ahead of time. You can prioritize your move, keeping all aims in sight, while taking care of small tasks and large tasks in the order necessary.
  • BrightNest : Excellent app for making your new home “your home.” It is conveniently predictive, offers lots of cool hacks, and gives you tips to manage just about every aspect of your home. Cleaning tips, DIY info, and a lot of useful reminders on how to maintain the day to day functioning of your home make this the perfect app for college students or millennials who have just moved out on their own.