So you’ve got a move ahead of you and you’re contemplating your options. Hire a moving company to take care of the details and the hard labor, or rent a truck for a few bucks and get it done by yourself? Decisions, decisions! Here is a look at the advantages of hiring movers as opposed to going the DIY method. While doing it on your own may seem like a good option, it’s not always the best thing for your spine, mental state, or stress levels!

Saving Time: Hiring movers can save you a significant amount of time. Professionals just know how to do it effectively and efficiently; it’s what they do for a living. It can also save money as a result. Yes, actually, hiring movers can save you money as opposed to doing it yourself. Consider the time spent executing and completing the move; that’s time you won’t get back. You’ll have more time to focus on the small details of the move, and having more time means the less work you’ll miss while moving. Also, moving rarely goes off without hang ups and hiccups and craziness occurring, so why not hire someone else to help?

Your Body: First and foremost, your body is sacred. It’s the only one you have and moving your home is an immensely physical load of labor. Sure, you may be fully confident in your brute strength and capabilities, but if we can offer a word of advice: save your muscle power for the gym or wrestling with your kids. Instead, hire professionals who are trained and well-versed in the hard physical strategies involved with moving. A long-lasting back injury will not be worth the money you save in doing it yourself. Trust me: you’ll spend much more on a chiropractor than your move!

Leave it to the Pro’s: There’s definitely something to be said for trusting in the expertise of professionals. If that’s what they do, and make a living out of it, chances are they’ll know a few inside tricks of the trade. When moving, this means qualified movers offer less frustration, less trouble, less chaos for you. And when you consider how stressful moving is in general, some assistance can make a major difference in your personal stress levels through the process. There’s a reason the moving industry is a billion dollar industry!

So call American Van Lines. Allow us to handle the craziness so you can save time and money. You’ll be happier for it!