Being grounded and rooted in one place for a long period of time seems to be the standard for most people, we often have to move to get there. People rarely stay in one spot for their entire lifetimes, and even if they grow up and settle in the same areas, they often move somewhere in the middle of that time period for college, jobs, or other reasons as well. So currently, in line with current market trends, here is a list of the top reasons people are moving. And, in your move, we want to let you know, we’re here to help.

  1. Jobs: Whether it’s in search of a more prosperous job market, or a better job prospect has landed you the right opportunity to move, people move for jobs more than any other reason.
  2. Schools: After safety, parents often place schools as the most important factor in choosing a location for their children’s well-being. The right school can play a major role in their schooling years, and this can have an impact on their lives well into adulthood; high school performance is a direct inclination to acceptance in college.
  3. Closer to family: Nothing says home quite like family, and people often move in an effort to be closer.
  4. Location, location, location: People often move in search of a better location, oftentimes because they want more house for less money in less populated areas: suburbs or rural living. Other times it’s about less house and a more exciting location: the city. Between lifestyle offerings, different amenities in the surrounding area, or the yearning to find a better area that suits your lifestyle, moving for comfort happens all the time and is one of the main reasons people pack up their lives in one spot and sail off into the sunset in search of more suitable accommodations.
  5. Relationship changes: Change is imminent in this world of ours, and when relationships change, moving occurs. Whether it’s because of marriage, divorce, death, or couples moving in together, moves are major life changes that often accompany other major life changes.

Simply, moves go along with the ebb and flow of life. We change locations as the need suits our lives, and whatever your needs for moving may be, American Van Lines is here to help you make that transition.